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    Hungr is taking a break.

    After our pilot in Berlin, HUNGR is now taking a break. Feel free to get in touch with thoughts or questions.




    Hungr is the easy way to a tasty meal delivered to your home.


    We have hand-picked the best rated and fastest delivering restaurants for Hungr. And taken away all the noise to create a simple and quick way of ordering.

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    A better way to takeaway

    At Hungr we passionately enjoy finding ways to use technology to make everyday life easier and better for the connected generations. We love to create - to challenge conventions and to do things differently. We will go the extra mile to provide hungry consumers with tasty food to their home on time - and we will do that in simpler way than anything you can find in the market today.

  • Get to know us!

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    Why are we called Hungr?

    One of the most fundamental cravings is hunger. It’s at the very base of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. And when you feel it, it has to be satiated as soon as possible with the food you desire. And since none of us can really think straight when we are are hungry, it has to be very easy to order it too.

    That's exactly what Hungr is all about.

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    How do we work with Restaurants?

    Happy customers means repeating business for Hungr and for Restaurants. Loyal users is ultimately the key to driving value for restaurants.


    Hungr has built high quality partnerships with a curated set of restaurants - those that share our views about the right consumer experience in food delivery.

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    Who is the team behind Hungr?

    Hungr is an independent startup based in Berlin. We are a team of passionate individuals led by seasoned entrepreneur Rasmus Wolff. A team determined to bring the online food industry into the mobile world. Check us out on Linkedin.


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    Now you know a bit about what Hungr is all about. Download us today!


    Thanks for your support!
    Team Hungr



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